Where to Meet Girls: 9 Unusual Places

Are you bored of trying to meet girls in bars and clubs? Maybe it’s time to think outside the bottle.

In light of many guys doing “dry January”, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to suggest some alternative places to meet girls. Places where alcohol isn’t in the equation.

Check out these 9 unusual places to meet girls, oh and be sure to suggest your own in the comments.
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Picking Up Girls: 5 Insane Reasons Why Guys Refuse to Learn

What’s stopping you from picking up girls?

Whether you’re simply not in a rush, or think it’s morally wrong, this post looks at 5 insane reasons guys choose not to improve their game.

If you don’t want to end up sexually inexperienced, unhappy and alone by the time you hit 40, read on…and take action.
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How to Approach Girls Like a Mentalist: 8 Ways You’ll Scare Her Off

Want to know how to approach girls? Forget arming yourself with one-liners. If you convey the wrong body language, you’ll blow it before you can even say, “Hi”.

Women are far more perceptive than men and can read our signals like it’s a sixth sense. So how can you master the art of approach? What better way to learn than see how NOT to do it?

We reveal 8 types of people who EPICALLY FAIL at approaching women.
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The Art of Seduction in the Movies: 9 Seducers in the Spotlight

There are 9 types of seducers in this world, the question is – which one are you?

Maybe you’re like Sebastian from Cruel Intentions – a cool, calculated and manipulative charmer.

Or perhaps you’re like Kathryn – a girl who likes to delay a guy’s satisfaction to the point that he’s begging at your heels?

If you want to unleash your power of seduction, read on to realize which aspect of your character naturally excites people so you can radiate that quality and stir people’s emotion in a way that is beyond their control.
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How To Attract Girls Like Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love

In Crazy, Stupid, Love, Ryan Gosling’s character, Jacob, is a God at attracting girls.

The movie is so chock full of tips on how to attract girls, I simply had to write a blog post about it.

I first watched this movie about a year ago when my pickup skills needed a refresh since I’d been out of the game for 2 months whilst recovering from a motorcycle accident. Ouch :S

In this post I’ll deconstruct the various elements of Jacob’s interactions and discuss how you can apply the same techniques even if you don’t look like Ryan Gosling.
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