Dating is a Numbers Game

At Dating Metrics we provide intelligent dating advice for the modern man.

You’ll discover how to get smart with dating, develop your social skills, and become better with women.

Our mission is to help you attract, get and keep the girlfriend of your dreams.

By working on your core skill sets, we help our readers become comfortable around women and develop the key traits you need to make her choose you.

Some of our clients simply need to break a few bad habits whilst others need to improve their social skills. Whatever your situation is, we’re here to navigate you through the minefield that is dating.

We know what most guys really want – a loving, loyal girlfriend. So let us show you how to go from meeting – to texting – to dating the girl of your dreams.

But don’t expect any one-liners to “trick” women into sleeping with you. Hell no. This is not another pickup site. We strongly disagree with that school of thought.

For us it’s all about being genuine and true to yourself.

We respect the women in our lives. From our mothers, sisters, and girlfriends to anyone we meet in day-to-day life. And this is strongly at the core of what we teach.

So… what are the metrics about?

Like mad scientists we spend most of our time in the lab researching new dating techniques and giving our readers data driven advice you can rely on.

We do this by asking hundreds of single women and female dating experts to reveal the mistakes us guys are making and how we can improve our chances.

We also research into TV and Film to see what makes characters like Don Draper from Mad Men or Ryan Gosling from the Notebook so appealing to women in their completely opposite ways.

We then turn our findings into data-rich infographics you won’t find anywhere else!

Meet the team

Dating Metrics is run by two guys. Ed Hudson and Rich James. Both with very different stories and pathways taken to become naturals with women.

Despite their differences, both started out the same. As shy, socially awkward teenagers forever stuck in the friend-zone.

Until one day, they decided to take action and start learning ‘this stuff’.

Fast forward 5 years, here they are now:


Be Awesome

Since our launch in December 2013, Dating Metrics has grown to become one of the leading resources for dating advice with over 100,000 unique visitors per month and over 30,000 loyal subscribers.

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Ed and Rich