16 New Year’s Eve Pickup Lines As Told By Cats

So it’s New Years Eve guys, you know what that means… the perfect opportunity to use some cheesy pickup lines on the ladies!

So here are 16 NYE themed gems which may or may not work for you! Remember it’s not what you say… but how you say it 😉
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“I Didn’t Recognise You With Your Clothes On” Talking to Girls like 007

We all know James Bond to be a classic example of an Alpha male.

But is his success with women down to his ravishingly good looks, his heroic macho villain killing ways, or quite simply his amazing chat?

We break down the reasons why Bond’s articulated ways might just be his secret key to unlocking all those beautiful girls’ hearts…
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How to Approach Girls Like a Mentalist: 8 Ways You’ll Scare Her Off

Want to know how to approach girls? Forget arming yourself with one-liners. If you convey the wrong body language, you’ll blow it before you can even say, “Hi”.

Women are far more perceptive than men and can read our signals like it’s a sixth sense. So how can you master the art of approach? What better way to learn than see how NOT to do it?

We reveal 8 types of people who EPICALLY FAIL at approaching women.
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17 Lamest Excuses Guys Make not to Approach Girls

When it comes to making lame excuses, guys really are the best.

Sure, approaching girls is tough, but if you want to meet girls, you’ve simply got to stop making lame excuses.

I’ve been guilty of all the below…which excuses are you most guilty of?
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14 Ways to Make Your First Date Super Awkward

Ahh the first date… it can either be amazing or down right terrible. There is no middle ground.

The reason for the first date ending up as either one of these polar opposites is quite simply down to the tension and build up surrounding the event.

There are two ways of going about it – you can either be Mr Smooth or Mr Awkward.

We all know the standard dating taboos when it comes to the first date – talking about your ex, bringing up marriage and getting too drunk to name a few.

But what about the super awkward ones?
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